About Me



Hi, I am Thomas Derflinger, an independent entrepreneur und software developer. In this blog I write about my projects and more generally about what interests me.

As a freelance software developer I am open to projects. I prefer remote projects located in Europe. My favorite industries are electronics, e-commerce, IoT and mapping/GIS. I also like Virtual/Extended Reality (VR/AR/XR).

Furthermore, I can help you to innovate quickly in today’s fast moving markets. I can bring a fresh perspective to your business and also consult on innovative ways to enhance your business. I can increase your sales with innovative solutions and differentiate your business from the competition.

Software Stack

The software tech stack I am very familiar with:

JavaScript and TypeScript are my favorite languages and I have already worked as a trainer for JavaScript courses. Python is also a well-liked language of mine, and I also appreciate Go and Java.

I am fluent in German, English and French. Also, I know Spanish (B2), Romanian (B1), Czech (A2) and Mandarin Chinese (A2).

As for certifications, I am certified as a Linux Administrator (LPIC 1 - 101) and I am an OMG UML Professional.

In electronics I know the basics and I like to build electronic circuits with Arduino and Raspberry Pi in my spare time.

Sometimes I write as a guest author in magazines. For example for the German magazine iX 11/2020 I wrote the article “Interaktive SVG-Karte von Berlin in React”.

Do you need an experienced full-stack JavaScript developer for your next project? Then we need to talk now! Contact me here